Jane Zhang: Sad People Should Not Listen To Slow Songs.

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Sound of My Dream 2, episode 2

November 3, 2017, 2th episode of Sound of My Dream 2 and thus the second long-awaited performance by Jane Zhang. The musical talent-show, which sees Jane as the coach of the singers who take part in the competition, expects each of the tutors to prepare and then bring on stage an interpretation, often re-arranged in an original way, of a famous song.

Sad People Should Not Listen To Slow Songs

Jane’s choice for this episode is focused on a rock song, very famous in China, led to the success in the summer of 2013 by Mayday whose title is “Sad People Should Not Listen to Slow Songs (Stay Happy Through the End)” (傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)).

Jane’s arrangement for this piece is very special and sometimes it’s in a jazz key. The resulting rendition is breathtaking both for the performance of the song and the sensual way she has to move while she sings exploding all her sense of rhythm. JJ Lee, coach “colleague” of the Dolphin Princess, comments it repeatedly with the adjective “Nice“.

Jane’s smile

A funny note: after the “unbridled” performance Jane apologizes for having, at one point, wrong the words of the song and excuses in particular with Mayday, the authors of the song. You can notice a moment during the execution, when Jane gets a smile because he realizes that he has just wrong words saying something like “You are mine” instead of “What is yours is mine“.

If you want, watch the full episode here:

Mayday band

We find something more about the group that has recorded this piece. Mayday (五月天) is a Taiwanese band formed in 1997, and is still in full swing, consisting of Ashin (main voice), Monster and Stone (guitars), Masa (bass) and Ming/Guan You (percussion).

The song, written and composed by Ashin, the group’s voice, was recorded several times with different arrangements becoming the subject of a creative process lasting 6 months with countless discussions and modifications to the same.

The official video of the track was directed by director Muh Chen Yi Ren (陳奕 仁) and is very engaging in telling four independent stories: a young employee swamped with work, a girl faced with a plastic surgery, a boy who has to deal with his problems at school and finally a child forced to endure animated parents’ discussions.

Promo song Coca Cola

Sad People Do Not Listen To Slow Songs” is in fact a hint of optimism and so successful that in August 2013 was chosen for a well-known sponsorship of Coca Cola for which this spot was shot:

The Japanese version

Subsequently, in November of the same year, the Mayday recorded a Japanese version of the piece with Teru, Glay‘s voice, a Japanese multi-award-winning rock/pop band and in fact in the top-ten of the best-selling artists of all time Japan. For this release, another video was shot that integrates, from the original one, another storyline from the ones mentioned above. For the Japan version, the song took the title of “Dancin ‘Dancin’“.


你哭的太累了, 你伤的太深了, 你爱的太傻了
nǐ kū de tài lèi le, nǐ shāng de tài shēn le, nǐ ài de tài shǎ le

nǐ kū de jiù xiàng shì mò rì yào lái le

oh~ oh~

所以你听慢歌, 很慢很慢的歌, 听得心如刀割
Suǒ yǐ nǐ tīng màn gē, hěn màn hěn màn de gē, tīng de xīn rú dāo gē

Shì bu shì yīng gāi huàn yì zhǒng jié zòu le

* oh~ oh~
不要再问, 谁是对的, 谁是错的, 谁是谁非, 谁又亏欠谁了
bú yào zài wèn, shuí shì duì de, shuí shì cuò de, shuí shì shuí fēi, shuí yòu kuī qiàn shuí le

反正错了, 反正输了, 反正自己陪自己快乐
fǎn zheng cuò le, fǎn zheng shū le, fǎn zheng zì jǐ péi zì jǐ kuài lè

** 我不管你是谁的, 谁是你的, 我是我的
wǒ bù guǎn nǐ shì shuí de, shuí shì nǐ de, wǒ shì wǒ de

让心跳, 动次, 动次, 动次, 动次, 感觉活着
ràng xīntiào, dòng cì, dòng cì, dòng cì, dòng cì, gǎnjué huózhe

我不管站着, 坐着, 躺着, 趴着, 都要快乐
wǒ bù guǎn zhàn zhe, zuò zhe, tang zhe, pā zhe, dōu yào kuài lè

让音乐动次, 动次, 动次, 动次, 快要聋了
ràng yīn yuè dòng cì, dòng cì, dòng cì, dòng cì, kuài yào lóng le

不管了, 不想了, 不等了, 不要不快乐
Bù guǎn le, bù xiǎng le, bù děng le, bú yào bú kuài lè

Shāng xīn de rén bié tīng màn gē

人生分分合合, 爱情拉拉扯扯, 一路曲曲折折
rén shēng fēn fēn hé hé, ài qíng lā la chě chě, yí lù qū qu zhé zhé

wǒ hái shi qī dài míng rì de xīn jǐng sè

oh~ oh~
愤青都释怀了, 光棍都恋爱了, 悲剧都圆满了
fèn qīng dōu shì huái le, guāng gùn dōu liàn ài le, bēi jù dōu yuán mǎn le

měi yí duàn zhēng zhí dōu fēi chū hé píng gē

English Translation:

You cried too much.
You were hurt so much.
Your love was so silly.
You cried just like the end of the world was coming.
So you listen that slow song.
You felt that your heart was bleeding.
Shouldn’t you need another rhythm?
Don’t ask that whose fault is it any more.
You were wrong, you were the loser anyway.
You just need to make yourself happy.
I don’t care that who are you belong to, and who belong to you.
Let the heart beats, let us feel that we are alive.
I don’t care if you are standing, sitting or just laying yourself down.
Let the music blow you out. Don’t care, don’t wait, don’t asking anymore.
Don’t listen that slow song when you feel sad!

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