Think Like a Man

Jane Zhang – Think Like a Man From album , “Past Progressive” (2019) track #8 Released: 2019 April, 27th Lyrics: Jim Beanz, Jane Zhang Music: Jim Beanz, Jane Zhang

Body First

Jane Zhang – Body First From album , “Past Progressive” (2019) track #1 Released: 2019 April, 27th Lyrics: Antony Williams Music: Cassandra Ströberg, Fanny Hultman


Jane Zhang – Bold/大膽 From album , “Reform” (改變), track #6 Released: 2011 June, 1st Lyrics: Jane Zhang 张靓颖, Yu-Wei Music: Michael Jay


Jane Zhang – Battlefield Single, “The Great Wall” (长城), US promotional song Released: 2016 November, 22th Lyrics: Josiah “JoJo” Morton, Jane Zhang Music: King Logan, Paul “P.J.” Morton (Maroon 5’s keyboardist) Arrangements: King Logan, Paul “P.J.” Morton, Timbaland Production: Timbaland

Pull Me Up

Jane Zhang – Pull Me Up Single, “Pull Me Up” Prima performance Live il 05/05/2018, Pechino – Jane’s Secret concert. Rilascio discografico del 23/01/2019.

Fighting Shadows

Jane Zhang feat. Big Sean – Fighting Shadows. Single, “Terminator Genisys” USA OST Pubblicata il 30/06/2015. Testo: Eric Dawkins, Jane Zhang Musica: King Logan Arrangiamenti: King Logan, Eric Dawkins, Jane Zhang Produzione: King Logan for Royal Court Music, Side by Side, J’Vu Entertainment, Jim Benz

To Be Loved

To Be Loved. Pubblicata il 11/10/2006. Album “The One”. Autori: Denis Rich, Toby Gad, Jane Zhang. Huayi Brothers Music

Angels and Harmony

Jane Zhang & Ne-Yo – Angels and Harmony. Single, “War for the Planet of the Apes” promo-song Pubblicata il 06/09/2017. Autori: Ne-Yo, Trevor Wesley, Jesse Wilson, Jane Zhang. Piano Boy Music