The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

2019.05.29 Chengdu, Sichuan (CN)

The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang. Jane Zhang partecipated as ambassador in the 3rd Annual “T” China International Style Conference named “Oriental Impressions“. The theme of this forum was “The wind coming from the East“. It was also a retrospective and summary of traditional Chinese beauty.

The event

In this forum, over 20 of the world’s best creatives from China, United States, Canada and other countries are invited, embracing art, culture, architecture, design, fashion, business, lifestyles and other related sectors, through a combination of words and dialogues.

Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

The conference’s goal is to discuss the spread and development of Oriental style around the world, and to investigate how to make style a defining part of our lives rather than an adornment. This aligns with the pioneering spirit of “T” China, Chengdu IFS and the City of Chengdu.

The Global Style Forum has been held in two consecutive sessions trying to explore the inheritance and global development of the Oriental style, telling the rhythm of the oriental style.

The Forum also invited 10 ambassadors, among them Jane Zhang, to join in witnessing “The wind coming from the east“.

Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

As ambassador of this forum, Jane said in an interview that she hasn’t returned home for a long time, and many fans are also asking her “When you go to home ?”

I’m very happy to return to my hometown as a global style forum ambassador.

The Chinese press reporting about Jane’s patercipation at the event said:

Jane Zhang was the most eye-catching star of the day. She was wearing a red suit and she was completely surrounded by an aura. She turned the red carpet into a catwalk show. The presence of Jane on the red carpet has completely overshadowed the other stars.

Jane Zhang fashion

A big red suit jacket by Hellessy, New York (Spring-Summer 2019 collection) without button elements but with a white ribbon tied at the waist like a belt. The trousers are also red but with black and white side stripes. Sandals model “Nudistsong” by Stuart Weitzman with front strap studded with crystals and another thin suede ankle strap on 105 mm stilettos. The picture was completed by jewels by Chopard, including a beautiful watch in 18K rose gold studded with diamonds (line Happy Diamonds Icons), a heart-shaped pendant in 18K rose gold with pink stone combined with a ring with the same features (line Happy Hearts). A very feminine and elegant outfit that suited the theme of the event.

Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

Chengdu IFS and “T” Magazine China

In nearly a decade, Chengdu has transformed from a traditional region into China’s “third city“, a hub for international business, fashion and innovation. Here too the glorious vision of the East was realized, and the splendid Sichuan civilization embraced and adapted to a new era.

The organizers of the event were Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Finance Square) and “T” China: The New York Times Style Magazine jointly organized the third-annual “T” China International Style Conference.

Chengdu IFS opened in 2014 and is now the top luxury shopping destination in the city, as well as one of the most influential premium malls in China’s Midwest region. Chengdu IFS is located in one of the city’s most vibrant economic areas, the commercial Chunxi Road Zone, right alongside other major shopping malls and department stores like Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu and Parkson-Sichuan Center. The IFS address is: No.1 Section 3 of Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District Chengdu, China

Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

“T” Magazine China is the Chinese edition of US magazine “T”: The New York Times Style Magazine strives to be the most influential, creative culture style magazine in the world, connecting with readers by viewing fashion and style through the prism of culture. “T” China is published in the Chinese market, in Chinese language, under license to Huasheng Media. It launched in 2015.

The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

Below is Jane’s speech at Conference “The wind coming from the east“:

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, honourable colleagues (we are also colleagues) good afternoon, today I’m very happy, as a native of Chengdu in Sichuan, to participate in such a grand event, but also I’m very happy, as a person engaged in literary and artistic field, to share with you my thoughts on the word “Oriental”.

My first witness is, of course, about the music
because, as you know, I’m a singer.
Some people say I’m good at English songs,
I feel that I grew up listening to English songs from an early age.
Hey, let me make a small advertisement…
My English album was just released globally last month
Listen to it if you’re interested.

But what is not known is that I think the melody that belongs to the imprint of the East and China, has really provided me with great nourishment during mine training process as a singer.

From the Shanghai night-style of the 1930s and 1940s to the classic red songs of the Fiery Years, to the various songs that the Chinese style has evolved into the national style in recent years, I think I listen to most of them, I like them very much, and then I sing them too.

Because I always think that if I haven’t experienced the baptism of Chinese works like “Painted Heart/画心”, “Unparalleled in the World/我用所有报答爱” and “Only For Love/我用所有报答爱”, I would have had no idea where “Past Progressive” album could have start from.

So, if the English song of the international route is my wings that can take me to fly farther, then the traditional Chinese song and oriental charm is my root that can take me home.

My second witness comes from many years of cooperation with top foreign musicians.

About ten years ago, I felt that there were many problems and difficulties, but I felt that the first problem I had to face was how to introduce myself to them.

Since I hoped that in particular some of these musicians could immediately sit down and pay attention to me, how could I have introduced myself to them so that they could take cooperation with me seriously, not superficially or thinking “is ok. .. is passable “?

This is because we have to consider that at that time I was a 20-year-old girl, with a certain vanity, and I hoped that the way I introduced myself could leave them deeply impressed.

When my team introduced me with them, they said how I was well-known in China, how hot I was in the shows, and how I was amazing in singing, but the foreign musicians expression was … [uncaring attitude]
So at the time I acted in other way. I gave priority to my works made in cooperation with master Tan Dun and to songs like “Impressions of the West Lake” made in cooperation with master Kitaro. I made them listen to these pieces, and then the foreigner’s expression was [look of wonder].
From that moment, I realized that our oriental music and musicians were respected and appreciated by those people that was at the apex of the pyramid in the world of music.

I think that, after I broke away from the reality of Super Girl and abandoned that identity, that was the first time that my self-confidence was firmly established within me.

Third witness (my words in Chengdu are almost finished).
The third witness comes from trends. About 20 years ago, when we happened to listen to a song with a typical Chinese pentatonic scale or a minor melody, we felt a little uncomfortable, like it was music for mom, dad or for grandparents. But now, I think the Chinese style and the new style derived from the ancient Chinese style have become a very important segment of the music market. There are a large number of young people very much immersed in the ancient style sector and uploading works and online communications. This trend in the music industry has spread to the lifestyle of all young people. So, if you’re on the street, it won’t surprise you at all to see young people wearing old-fashioned clothes, national style or han style, because today they are integrated into your life.

In my opinion, the self-identity and expression of the Orient and the nation also show that this type of identity and self-expression has been rooted in the blood of people of the new generations. For them, including me, “Orient” is not just a geographical concept, but a natural expression. In culture, there are no tidal currents, only an ocean, so we are all part of Sea of Orient.

To sum up, I think
The wind comes from the East, and it starts from the heart.
This is my true understanding and my superficial but very authentic vision. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share
I am from Chengdu.
I am Zhāng Liàngyǐng.
I am from the Orient.

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