Jane Zhang concert tour 2018: Jane’s Secret

[read italian version]

Dear Jane fans,

the date of the new concert tour of Jane Zhang is approaching. The tour starts on May 5 with a concert in the Chinese capital. Here is the official announcement video:

And here the promo video made by Jane Zhang Italia Official in a double version, one with English titles and the other with Chinese titles:

The text in the video:

Her name is Jane and she has been with you for 13 years in your everyday life.
You were a child and at home you listened to her music …
You become a little kid and she was often there on TV watching you …
During your adolescence the rhythm of the days was marked by the countdown to the release of her new albums …
You have choosen a mate for your life and she was always there on stage and looking you while singing …
You graduated and you joined her fanclub… maybe you also met her …
She’s always been with you, but … are you sure you’ve ever seen the real Jane ?
I wouldn’t be so sure in your place !
Come and find out on May 5 in Beijing at the first station of Jane’s Tour Concert !
Jane Zhang 2018 Tour Concert pre-sale has been officially opened !

So thrilling atmosphere for the launch of Jane’s new tour ! The official posters strengthens this impression:

Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018 Jane's Secret

Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018 – Jane’s Secret

Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018 Jane's Secret

Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018 Jane’s Secret – Poster

Jane Zhang concert tour 2018: Jane’s Secret

Here are the stages to date officially announced:

May, 5th Beijing 北京 (Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium/北京五棵松)

Jane Zhang tour 2018 Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018

Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium 北京五棵松

May, 19th Shenzhen 深圳 (Shenzhen Bay Sports Center/深圳春茧体育馆)

Jane Zhang tour 2018 Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center 深圳春茧体育馆

May, 26th Shanghai上海 (Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena/上海梅赛德斯奔驰文化中心)

Jane Zhang tour 2018 Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018

Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena 上海梅赛德斯奔驰文化中心

July, 7th Chengdu 成都 (Chengdu Cube Magic Performing Center/大魔方)

Jane Zhang tour 2018 Jane Zhang Concert Tour 2018

Chengdu Cube Magic Performing Center 大魔方

The 2015 Jane Zhang tour: Bang The World

Hey guys, waiting the first Jane’s concert, to kill time I propose these two videos of the previous Jane’s tour (2015), “Bang the World“. The first is a short trailer, instead the second is a handsome documentary, with English subtitles, on the making-of the tour with many backstage images.

2 replies
  1. Brett Kitcher
    Brett Kitcher says:

    Please inform me when Jane Zhang is touring again. If you have her 2019 schedule, it would be greatly appreciated! What a spectacular performer!
    Thank you Jane for bringing me tears of awe every time I hear you sing!!

    • Salvatore Di Maro
      Salvatore Di Maro says:

      Hi Brett, thanks so much for your beatiful words about Jane ! Very touching ! At the moment we don’t know the schedule of Jane’s concerts for next year. Anyway there are rumors about a possible stage of Jane’s Secret in Singapore but it’s not confirmed. As soon as a stage is confirmed we’ll publish the news ! Thank you for follow us !


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