Despacito Luis Fonsi is ready for China

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Despacito breaks all records

Despacito” is today the most overwhelming musical phenomenon of this millennium. Published on January 13 this year, the song has done virtually the rounds of the music charts around the globe and the official video has racked up nearly 4,5 billion views on YouTubebreaking any previous record, probably about even the captivating images of starring Zuleyka Rivera, Puerto Rican former Miss Universe 2006.


Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

4 Latin Grammy Awards

The song, performed by Luis Fonsi in collaboration with the rapper Daddy Yankee and written by Luis Rodriguez, Erika Ender and Ramón Ayala, took home a 4 awards at the recent Latin Grammy Awards (18th edizione) held in Las Vegas: “Record of the Year “, “Song of the Year“, “Best Urban Fusion/Performance” (for the remix version created with Justin Bieber) and  “Best Short Form Music Video“.


Zuleyka Rivera – Miss Universo 2006

Spanish-Mandarin version

But all this seems not enough to the Puerto Rican superstar who, in recent months, said he was surprised for the achieved in China even though the song wasn’t officially published on the Chinese market.

Besides the current 4.5 billion views on YouTube would probably be at least 6 if in China was accessible the famous Google’s video streaming platform.

How to remedy this lack? But it’s simple: all you need is a collaboration with a famous song-writer team, “The Swaggernautz“, and with one of the greatest music stars on the Chinese scene, Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin (林俊杰). We mix these ingredients and comes out the Spanish-mandarin version of Despacito specially created for the Chinese market.


JJ Lin

Luis Fonsi and JJ Lin started working on the project in July this year and recorded the piece in studio side by side. The song will be officially published in a few days. It seems that JJ Lin will sing the part in Spanish, while Luis Fonsi will sing in Chinese!

JJ Lin & Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang fans well know JJ Lin and his vocal skills. A singer from a “magnetic voice” which in the past has also recorded with Dolphin Princess the song “I Can Fly” (我 飛 故 我 在), theme song of the movie “High School Musical: China” in 2010, published with the title “I’m Flying I’m Here” in the double album “Jane Zhang – Duets” released just this year.

Also JJ Lin currently is the star, just with Jane, in the lucky TV format “Sound of My Dreams 2“, the musical talent show in which both play the role of coach for the singers participating in the race.


Jane Zhang e JJ Lin


Jane Zhang e JJ Lin

Dust My Shoulders Off + Despacito = Dust My Despacito

Well, we just have to wait a few days to enjoy this tasty musical collaboration Luis Fonsi/JJ Lin and in the meantime, from Jane’s huge fans who we are, we deceive the wait with a very well done mashup that mixes audio and video of “Despacito” with, hear ye, “Dust My Shoulders Off” by Jane Zhang.

The remix was carried out by DJ Ryson who has, to a lesser extent, drawn by the music of other performers like Shakira ft. Maluma, Men At Work, Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons and Sia.

Enjoy sound !

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