Jane Zhang in Chengdu with Jane’s Secret tour

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The 4th stage of Jane’s Secret, Jane Zhang’s concert tour, took place on Saturday, July 7th. This time the chosen city was Chengdu (成都), the 4th most populous center of mainland China, which gave birth to Jane and in which the Dolphin Princess has always lived until the success in 2005 when she was ranked 3rd in the “Super Girl” talent show.

The concert was held at the WuLiangYe Chengdu Performing Arts Center completely packed for the show.

As always happens during the Jane’s concerts, especially in Chengdu, the mood was very warm and the fans rallied around Jane surrounding, with an aura of love and admiration, she who for 13 years now, is the artistic/musical symbol of the city. Listening to the audience’s choirs and seeing Jane’s emotion on these events is a priceless experience.

The set list of the show has followed the previous stages, in the order Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, unrolling in a colorful carpet of music, lights and scenery with an overwhelming impact on the audience.

For more info on the tour, on the Beijing concert held in May and on the Jane’s “confessions” to her fans during that night, you will find here a detailed article about the event.

To date, no other stages have been announced for the Jane’s Secret tour, but all of us hope to see again the Dolphin Princess on a stage in the next weeks, even if Jane’s schedule of commitments in this period is full of TV shows.

Jane Zhang a Chengdu Jane Zhang in Chengdu

These include Shake It Up !” (新舞林大会) starting July 22nd, every Sunday night at 9.00pm (Beijing time) on Dragon TV (东方卫视). In this show we’ll see Jane to compete with other artists also and above all in terms of dance.

Following a selection of videos taken from Chengdu and a large pictures gallery of the show.

Enjoy !

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