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Jane Zhang To Our Dying Youth

Jane Zhang reinterprets the famous song《To Our Dying Youth/致我们终将逝去的青春》by Zhao Yingjun 赵英俊 giving it a new breath and a new emotional reading key basis on her unique skills and the exquisite arrangement of Ding Shaohua 丁少华 aka Kiva.

The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang

The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang 2019.05.29 Chengdu, Sichuan (CN) The Oriental Impressions of Jane Zhang. Jane Zhang partecipated as ambassador in the 3rd Annual “T” China International Style Conference named “Oriental Impressions“. The theme of this forum was “The wind coming from the East“. It was also a retrospective and summary of traditional Chinese […]

Body First

Jane Zhang – Body First From album , “Past Progressive” (2019) track #1 Released: 2019 April, 27th Lyrics: Antony Williams Music: Cassandra Ströberg, Fanny Hultman